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Agder Energi


Agder Energi
Kraftsenteret, Kjøita 18,
4630 Kristiansand

Postal address:
PO Box 603 Lundsiden,
4606 Kristiansand

Tel: +47 38 60 70 00


Agder Energi delivers clean, renewable energy for society to function, now and for the future. Hydropower is an important prerequisite for their success in the transition to a fully electric and sustainable society.

Agder Energi's organization reflects the value chain from power plant to customer. This provides the best possible utilization of resources, and ensures good value creation for their public owners. Agder Energi develop innovative and future-oriented solutions through a determined investment in research and development. The company's goal is still to deliver clean energy for society to function, even in a future where both society and energy use are changing.

Result area Renewal contributes to innovation and further development of the value chain, and develops the company through new profitable business models and strategic measures.

Profit area Production handles one of the most profitable, efficient and future-oriented production portfolios in renewable energy.

Power management
Result area power management is an active manager of its own and others' power portfolio, which contributes to value creation in the Nordic and European markets.

Result area Distribution contributes to smart electricity consumption in a renewable society through stable and efficient distribution of energy through the electricity grid in Agder.

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