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Dril-Quip, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore drilling and production equipment that is well suited for use in deepwater applications.

The Company designs and manufactures subsea, surface and offshore rig equipment for use by oil and gas companies and drilling contractors in offshore areas throughout the world. Dril-Quip also provides technical advisory services, reconditioning services and running tools for use in connection with the installation and retrieval of its products.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Dril-Quip has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Brazil, Scotland and Singapore. The Company also has sales and service offices in numerous locations throughout the world. Dril-Quip’s manufacturing operations are vertically integrated, with the Company performing essentially all of its forging, heat treating, machining, fabrication, inspection, assembly and testing at its own facilities. The Company has developed its broad line of subsea, surface and offshore rig equipment primarily through internal product development efforts.

Dril-Quip is recognized for its full range of innovative drilling and production products that can be utilized to provide total solutions for offshore field developments.



  • Subsea Wellhead Systems
  • Tie-Back Systems
  • DX Series Connectors
  • DXe Connector


  • Liner Hanger Systems


  • SU Series Unitized Wellheads
  • SC Series Surface Wellheads
  • Surface Production Systems
  • Radial Bolt Connector
  • Adjustment Sub
  • Emergency Backout Sub


  • HorizontalBore Subsea Tree
  • ConcentricBore Production Trees
  • DualBore Production Trees
  • SingleBore Production Trees
  • Subsea Manifolds
  • Flowline Connection Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Production PLEM's, PLET's and Flowline Jumpers
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)


  • Subsea Tie-Back to Spar and Tension Leg Platform Systems
  • TLP & Spar Production and Drilling Riser Systems
  • TLP & Spar Production Riser Connectors
  • Riser Tensioning Systems
  • DT-902 and DT-903 Series Unitized Wellhead Systems
  • Dry Tree Production Trees

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