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Delft Inversion


Delft Inversion is a service company offering leading edge inversion technologies to the E&P industry. The company was established in 2012 and is currently located in Delft, the Netherlands. The founders of Delft Inversion met as part of their membership in the Delphi research consortium where they were involved in the development of several seismic imaging methods, including wave-equation based AVO inversion.

The company's core product WEB-AVO, a wave-equation based, AVO technology has been developed by the founders of Delft Inversion over a period of more than 10 R&D years at Delft University of Technology. During the first years after establishing Delft Inversion, the WEB-AVO technology was successfully applied in close collaboration with oil and gas operators to a wide range of business challenges in different geological plays around the globe.

The unique technological features of WEB-AVO led to many satisfied project partners and consequently allowed Delft Inversion to form and grow an experienced team with unrivaled expertise in this next generation seismic reservoir characterisation technology.

Today everybody at Delft Inversion shares one vision: Creating an edge for their clients and partners in the E&P, geothermal and CO2 storage industries by utilising the company's unique technology portfolio. 


Delft Inversion provide the full range of geophysical services that is required to come up with the best possible quantitative understanding of the subsurface. Since each subsurface project is unique the company have an open-minded and collaborative culture to ensure that their team and their tools can be of most value to client specific cases. Delft Inversion favour a modular approach with clear checkpoints. The company's belief is that this business model will be beneficial not only to clients but also to Delft Inversion. 

Seismic-to-well ties

  • calibration of overburden effects
  • wave-equation consistent wavelet extraction

Low frequency model building

  • horizon steered interpolation of well logs
  • depth trend based model building

Quantitative interpretation

  • lithology classification
  • calculation of porosity and saturation volumes
  • reserve estimation
  • detection of fluid contacts
  • residual gas discrimination

WEB-AVO inversion

  • wave-equation based AVO inversion
  • proper handling of multiples, mode conversion and transmission effects
  • direct inversion for compressibility, shear compliance and density
  • simultaneous inversion of time-lapse datasets
  • simultaneous inversion of PP/PS datasets

Data preconditioning

  • AVO preservation
  • proprietary S/N enhancement
  • structure preserving filtering
  • linear noise removal
  • amplitude balancing
  • residual moveout correction
  • spectral shaping


The technology portfolio of Delft Inversion creates a number of opportunities to operators of oil&gas, geothermal and CO2 storage projects.

Technical benefits

  • Less reliant on user-intensive building of an accurate low-frequency model
  • Typical bandwidth of final compressibility volumes is in the range of 4Hz or lower, totally derived from the input seismic data
  • The above usually translates to savings of two weeks of human/computer time compared to other commercially available solutions
  • Deliverables are reservoir models in terms of compressibility and shear compliance which discriminate lithology and fluid effects most successfully
  • The above models can be more easily integrated into reservoir modelling studies and flow simulations
  • Closing the loop between geoscience and reservoir engineering

Operational benefits

  • Reduce seismic processing time by 30% – No AVO processing
  • Provide an 80% reservoir model solution immediately after processing – No need to wait for full field appraisal
  • More efficiently de-risk exploration/farm-in/acquisition opportunities
  • More accurate GRV estimates

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