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Vision Project Services


Vision Project Services has managed over 500 exploration projects, both land & marine, since 1990.

The company have expanded and developed to become a leading exploration consulting company with a global network of offices and associates. Vision Project Service now have 19 locations worldwide covering the major hydrocarbon hubs.


Project Management & Survey Design
Vision Project Services provides an ‘Integrated Approach’ of overall project management, QA/QC, and HSSE for all types of survey and exploration operations undertaken by their clients.

Contract & Bid Evaluation
Vision Project Services’ consultants have extensive, worldwide experience of preparing and reviewing tenders in seismic and site-survey operations. The company offers support in:

  • Producing the Invitation to Tender
  • Technical bid reviews
  • Commercial bid assessments
  • Tender negotiations
  • Contract creation and formation

Technical Audits
VPS provides experienced consultants for independent technical audits of land, marine or transition zone surveys, utilizing industry accepted and field proven technologies.

Technical Audits comprise of the following field tests, followed up by a comprehensive report:

  • Instrument Testing
  • Vibrator Testing
  • Blaster/Detonator Testing
  • Geophone/Hydrophone Testing
  • HSE
  • Crew Proficiency

Marine Seismic Acquisition QC
Vision Project Services has consultants for in-field quality assurance and verification of geophysical, positioning and processed data covering:

  • 2D & 3D Towed Streamer
  • 4D Life of Field Imaging
  • Ocean Bottom Seismic
  • Nodal Seismic
  • Electro-Magnetic Seismic
  • BroadBand Seismic

Land Seismic Acquisition QC
Vision Project Services can supply experienced, multi-disciplined seismic acquisition consultants to cover any type of 2D or 3D land survey, transitional zone project or micro-seismic surveys.

Seismic Data Processing Supervision
Vision Project Services can supply seismic data processing consultants for either field or DP centre-based QA/QC roles.

HSE Supervision & Management
Vision Project Services offers qualified & experienced personnel who can assist or take a lead role in the development of effective safety & environmental management systems and processes.

Services provided include:

  • Implementation of HSSE plans and guidelines
  • Pre- and post-survey inspections
  • System and equipment audits
  • Risk Analysis and site assessment
  • Marine audits
  • Crew HSSE supervisors 

Environmental Services
Vision Project Services provide a comprehensive range of environmental services.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental requiement of modern day survey programs. As part of VPS’ environmental services, the Company offer personnel trained to implement measures to protect mammals, sea birds and turtles during offshore operations such as seismic surveys and pile driving for offshore wind farms and tidal turbines.

Land & Marine Geotechnical Project Management
Vision Project Services provide experienced and qualified geotechnical supervisors for:

  • Land and marine CPT/borehole operations
  • Downhole seismic QC
  • QC of groundwater monitoring wells, trial pits and electrical resistivity studies
  • Post sampling lab test analysis
  • Project Studies and Design
  • Construction Project Management
  • Pipeline Engineering Studies
  • Structural Engineering Studies
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Geophysical and Geological evaluations

Hydrographic & Metocean Survey Supervision
Vision Project Services provides QC services to the offshore engineering & construction industry.

The following examples of offshore survey services complement the existing services but may be managed autonomously:

  • Hydrographic surveys
  • High-resolution analog and digital site surveys
  • Dredging surveys
  • Environmental remediation site analysis
  • Pre- and post- pipeline installation surveys
  • Right-of-way/route surveys
  • ROV operations
  • Cathodic protection/FMD QC services
  • Gravity and/or magnetic surveys
  • Oceanographic studies

Interpretation Services
Utilizing a number of industry-recognized interpretation applications, Vision Project Services are able to provide a full interpretive solution.

Consultants are available for:

  • Prospect generation
  • New ventures
  • Basin scale to prospect/drill site scale
  • Management of specialized seismic processing for velocity and AVO analysis

Wellsite G&G Services

Vision Project Services provide consultants for:

  • Evaluating offset data before the start of drilling;
  • Analysing, evaluating and describing formations while drilling, using cuttings, gas, FEMWD (formation evaluation measurement while drilling) and wireline data;
  • Comparing data gathered during drilling with predictions made at the exploration stage;
  • Advising on drilling hazards and drilling bit optimisation