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Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA, with its subsidiaries, is the global leader in electromagnetic (“EM”) surveying technology in the offshore oil and gas exploration industry.

EMGS’ vision is to make EM an integral part of the E&P workflow and make EM as fully adopted as seismic. By providing EM data integrated with other subsurface measurement the company enable their customers to reduce uncertainty and therefore increase success in their exploration and development programmes.

EMGS is constantly working to deliver the best quality product to its customers. The technology is further developed to improve quality and efficiency, as well as to broaden the scope of the products to increase the Company’s addressable market. EMGS also put a high priority on interacting with its customers, to assist in ensuring the full value of the service is captured.

The integration of EM methods into exploration workflows provides oil and gas companies with an improved derisking and appraisal tool compared to using traditional exploration techniques alone. The use of EM data is complementary to the use of seismic data, as it provides oil companies with more information about the subsurface. Integrating the use of EM data into the exploration workflow reduces exploration risk through a better understanding of a reservoir’s charge, seal and volume estimates.

EMGS remains a global leader in the planning, acquisition, processing, modelling, interpretation and integration of EM data. The Company has extensive experience, well-established proprietary routines and leading-edge processing, modelling and inversion software.

EMGS has conducted over 900 surveys across the world’s mature and frontier basins in water depths ranging from 20 to 3500 metres for more than 150 customers. EM surveys have been conducted under a wide variety of operating conditions and in most major basins around the world.

EMGS coordinates its activities from its headquarters in Trondheim (Norway) and has offices in Oslo (Norway), Houston (USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The Group also has offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mumbai (India) and Villahermosa (Mexico).

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