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Aster Renewable Energy


Headquartered in Singapore, Aster Renewable Energy is a KKR-sponsored renewable energy platform that develops and invests renewable energy assets across Asia. Led by an expert management team with decades of experience and a track record of more than 2GW of renewable projects across Asia, Aster is well-versed in developing, delivering, financing and operating first-class renewable energy projects and integrating material Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations into the value creation process. The platform seeks to collaborate closely with stakeholders and business partners to achieve win-win outcomes while advancing the region’s energy transition towards a better, sustainable future for its communities.Aster aims to become the leading renewables development and investment platform in Asia. The markets of immediate focus are Taiwan and Vietnam, where the platform is targeting compelling solar and onshore wind opportunities, with a view to expanding its footprint into other markets in Asia.

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