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Compact Manifold & Energy Services (CMES), is an off-shoot of Compact Manifold Incorporated (CMI) in Lafayette, U.S.A. The company are a registered and wholly owned Nigerian company established in August 2001.

CMES specializes in engineering, fabrication and installation of offshore and onshore structures for Oil & Gas industry.

Engineering services are provided by the company's team of local and expatriate engineers from various fields of specialization. Fabrication and construction services are provided by CMES fabrication in their fabrication yard in Lagos, Nigeria. Fabrication services include Jackets, Templates, Decks & Associated Equipment and piping. CMES fabricates skided equipment and installs electrical & instrumentation components. CMES construction services includes offshore structural installations, sub-sea diving works, Brownfield modifications,Riser/Riser clamp installations, onshore pipeline and site construction, plant construction including power, gas handling and production facilities.



  • EPC project
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Design of pressure vessel
  • Flow station design
  • Process & piping design/valve sizing etc.

Fabrication /Construction

  • Well head protection structures and platforms
  • Pipe Spool (Installation on-site or in our Fabrication yard)
  • Boat Landing and bumpers
  • Jacket legs and Decks etc.

OffShore Construction

  • Light Construction
  • Pipe Laying & Recovery
  • EPCI Projects
  • Jacket and Deck Installations
  • Riser/Subsea tieins
  • Pigging & Testing
  • Subsea Construction
  • Template Installation
  • Brown Field Modifications
  • Hook-Up
  • Offshore Logistics

Gas Processing / Development

  • Gas Transmission pipeline & Metering Stations

Marine Asset

  • Sea Constructor
  • GP-35