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Geoquip Marine


Geoquip Marine Group provides worldwide services to the energy (oil, gas and renewables) industry, infrastructure developers, and government and research organisations. The company obtain data from the seabed and sub strata, interpret that data and provide engineering and scientific recommendations to their clients. Geoquip employs graduate and post graduate engineers and geo-scientists, technicians, mariners and field operatives. The data and/or recommendations that are given to clients are essential for the design of foundations for offshore structures (primarily oil and gas platforms, LNG loading terminals, jack-ups, wind turbines and bridge foundations) or subsea installations such as templates, manifolds, marine turbines, anchors for floating production and storage systems, tunnels, pipelines and cables.

It also provides services in connection with oil well development for example drilling pilot holes where shallow gas is expected or data for conductor installation. Geoquip is increasingly asked for mineral and gas hydrate exploration services in deep water and have developed and commissioned seabed equipment to improve exploration efficiency.