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Albanian Petroleum Coorporation
L 29 Marsi
Industrial zone
Fier, 9307

Tel: +355 381 36 62


Albpetrol J.S.C is the Albanian state owned Oil and Gas Upstream Company founded on 6 April 1999 that inherited all the assets and oilfields in Albania. Company headquarters are located in the city of Patos, Fier County. The company has also a representative office located in Tirana, the Albanian Capital. 

The main activity of Albpetrol is petroleum exploration and production, which also encompasses the full range of seismic, geologic, mechanic and geophysical works. The specialized Mechanical Plant in Kuçovë and the oil and gas transmission network are also part of their inventory.

Albpetrol is also entitled on marketing of crude oil in the Albanian territory and abroad. This also includes opening up the business and creating other companies in and out of Albania, as well as any other potential activity in line with Albpetrol interests. As defined in the Albanian law, Albpetrol is the company in charge of monitoring the production share Petroleum Agreements signed by the Government of Albania with private companies.

Since 2013 Albpetrol holds the rights to supply electrical power to qualified oil and gas companies, to trade in electrical power, transmit natural gas, and more. The company hold environmental permits for spotting activities within oilfields in Kuçovë, Patos-Marinzë (Drizë and Goran), Ballsh-Hekal, Amonicë-Gorisht and gas fields in Divjakë-Lushnjë area, Frakull-Fier, Povelca-Fier, Finiq-Sarandë.

Albpetrol operate in several Albanian regions such as Fier, Ballsh, Patos, Kuçovë, Vlorë, Delvinë etc. Albpetrol sole owner is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.