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Avineon UK Office
83 Baker Street

Tel: +44 20 7034 7034

Avineon, Inc.
1430 Spring Hill Road
Suite 300
Mclean, VA 22311-1846
United States

Tel: 703 671 1900


Avineon creates GIS solutions for modeling, conversion, integration, and management that make the most effective use of clients’ geospatial, facility, and business information. 

Engineering Support
Avineon delivers high quality engineering support solutions to leaders in the oil and gas, chemical, process, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and water/ wastewater industries.

Information Technology
Avineon specializes in IT services and state-of-the-art tools and products that optimize data visualization, usability, and effectiveness to ensure that your organization achieves its objectives.  

Enterprise Resilience
Avineon's state-of-the-art collaborative information system, Avineonics®, enables organizations to improve enterprise emergency management processes and systems, enhancing overall enterprise resilience, emergency preparedness, and efficiency while reducing risk and cost.