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Fraser Well Management


Fraser Well Management is a specialist well engineering and well management company covering the complete lifecycle of oil and gas wells both onshore and offshore. With strong well engineering and wellsite supervision expertise and a 56 well track record of high quality results, Fraser Well Management is equipped to deliver safe, efficient operations for clients.


Providing high quality well decommissioning studies to allow stakeholders to define their decommissioning liability.

Engineering Studies
From well design and feasibility studies through to due diligence, Fraser have the personnel and in-house expertise to deliver high quality engineering studies. 

Well Management
With a 56 well track record of high quality results, Fraser are equipped to deliver safe, efficient operations. Utilising in-house Well Integrity Plus® training, the company's teams are coached in the effective use of management systems, ensuring high quality outcomes.

WIP Track®
WIP Track® was developed in response to significant loss events in the Oil and Gas industry. WIP Track® allows non-operated partners, asset owners and underwriters the assurance that well operations are being conducted in a manner that reduces risk to personnel and minimises commercial and technical exposure.

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