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Blanchard Energy Consultants


Blanchard Energy Consultants (BEC) provides specialist HSES consultancy services to the energy industry. Rhe company specialise in the management of health, safety, environment, social and other related business risks in the energy sector. These range from governance, reputation and crisis management through assessment and management of risks across the business through to front-line operations. Services include:

  • HSES (Risk, Quality, Social, Security, Business) Management Systems – development, training and implementation;
  • Environmental surveys, baseline studies, impact assessments and stakeholder engagement;
  • HSES risk assessment and management;
  • Due diligence assessment;
  • New country entry;
  • Regulatory analysis, planning and permitting support (full HSES service package for exploration and field development activities);
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement programmes;
  • Emergency response and oil spill contingency planning and exercises;
  • Competence assessment and training;
  • Incident investigation and lessons learned;
  • Audits, inspections and reviews.

BEC have highly experienced consultants who provide a unique perspective to managing HSES, from acquisition/merger, country entry/licensing, through exploration, appraisal, project development, operations and ultimately decommissioning.